Welcome to our new and improved page!

Welcome to our new and improved page!

Not only have we been looking at ways that we can become more sustainable, but we've also been looking at ways to improve the services that we provide to our customers. By spending countless hours on improving what we started. Our goal has always been to put our customers first. To ensure that they have a platform to work off that is easy to navigate and use. Customer satisfaction is at the very core of the Grumpy Monkey brand. We wont stop updating and amending to always be on top. That's our promise to you!"

We've changed the way you shop, and gone are the days that we've had to chase up orders. Welcome to Grumpy Monkey 2.0.


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We are always looking at ways to improve our services at Grumpy Monkey HQ, Life is short, make the most of it and quit those bad habits. From becoming more sustainable as a business, to wanting to nurture and care for our kids futures. We are from the jungle, and our mission is to save it!"

We are currently looking at how we as a business can promote change in a healthy way. That will indeed leave a positive impact in the world we live in. Respect what is not yours, after all, the planet and all that thrived on it was here long before we were.

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