Pink Fusion Socks Xtreme edition

Pink Fusion Socks Xtreme edition

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Agg man aren't these cute? They certainly are not! Designed with those in mind that have had to show strength and rise up. Empower your body and your mind. Not cute, but epic.

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Size:UK 4-7
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Grumpy Monkey Pink Fusion socks part of our new Extreme Edition. Get ready to make your extreme sports more comfy with our blister free technology, moisture wicking materials to extract moisture and leaving your feet feeling fresh. They’ve got double toe, heel and arch support too which ads the cherry on the cake in comfort. Available online now!

• Arch support (To help promote circulation)
• Dri-Fit with Breathable mesh
• Anti-droop cuff to ensure your socks never slide
• Seamless design (to cause less friction and blisters)
• Double toe and heel support (causes less stress on high impact areas)


Cotton Blend: 78% Cotton 18% Nylon 4% Elastine